chelsee (shinetr) wrote in shut_up_bitch,


i just joined this last night but i didn't update because i was tired.
i'm chelsee, 16, from berks county PA.
i'm into music a lot. emo, screamo, hardcore, grindcore, punk, indie...those are my cup of tea.
if you wanna see bands, the userinfo is where it's at.

is anyone going to see everytime i die, NORA, poisen the well, the bronx show tonite in lancaster? if so tell me and maybe i'll see you there. it's at the chameleon club, and i'm pretty sure it starts at 6-6:30. it shouldn't sell out so even if you don't have tickets just go. in the case that is does sell out, there's a cute little Angry, Young and Poor shop a few blocks down, and plenty of other things to do in lancaster, so you'll have fun regardless.
have a good day to you all:)
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